The Captain

CaptBradBrad Clark is a United States Coast Guard Captain who has been fishing on Lake Michigan for over 18 years. As a lifelong Port Washington resident, Brad has intimate knowledge of our marina, our boat and all the “special” fishing locations out on the lake. Brad has spent his entire life dedicated to sport fishing. He started out fishing in the Port Washington marina by himself when he was 10 years old. Although he wanted to fish from the break wall and the Lighthouse, his father insisted that he remain in the marina and wear a lifejacket at all times. When he turned 12 years old, he was allowed to fish from the Lighthouse where he started to catch the big fish and eventually landed his first 20 pound king salmon. When he became old enough, he became a “First Mate” on some of the other local charters and then eventually became “Captain Brad” after successfully obtaining his certifications. Harbor City is proud to boast Captain Brad’s accomplishments.

The Boat

20130710_105115croppedWe operate a Bertram 35 fishing yacht; the most proven fishing vessel on the Great Lakes! Bertram is a world famous boat company known for its outstanding construction and maneuverability. This boat design has shown time and again that it is the best possible choice when it comes to charter fishing on Lake Michigan. Our boat and captain are licensed to take up to 6 passengers on each trip. Weather is not a factor on our ship since we have a totally enclosed cockpit providing total comfort regardless of what mother nature throws at us. We have a full bathroom on the lower level. The back deck is large enough to handle multiple fish being landed at the same time and we are capable of fishing with up to 18 line/baits in the water at ONE TIME!

Our boat is equipped with state of the art fishing equipment and electronics including:

  • Auto pilot
  • Global Positioning System
  • Fish finding and depth finding graphics
  • Fish hawk electronics providing water temperature readings
  • Radar systems
  • Modern marine radios

The Owners

Harbor City Sportfishing LLC and the Bertram Yacht are owned jointly by Jordan Schwanz and Tom Didier, both lifelong residents of Port Washington and Lake Michigan enthusiasts. Jordan has a full time year round job as the owner of Harbor City Plumbing, a full service plumbing firm located in Port Washington. Tom has a full time job as the Broker-Owner of RE/MAX United real estate and is the head of a 6 person sales team.

Tom and Jordan have been in the customer service industry their entire lives, and have been extremely active in the Port Washington community. Harbor City is proud to support causes that raise money for local charities. Furthermore, Tom & Jordan have been dedicated to volunteerism efforts in the Port Washington community through the YMCA, the Port Washington Lions Club, the Port Washington Business Improvement District and Junior Achievement. We feel our strong presence in the community combined with our fishing expertise make us a great choice when selecting a local fishing charter.

Tom and his wife Lora reside in the town of Port Washington with their son Owen, and their daughter Georgia. Tom enjoys flying, basketball and hunting in his spare time.

Jordan and his wife Laura reside in the city of Port Washington with their daughter Leighton, and are expecting their second child in the summer of 2013. Jordan enjoys fishing and hunting year round, with his 2 black labs, Jack and Jade.